A-List Mobile Tanning

Featuring Infinity Sun Multitreatment Systems

Exclusively for Women




We are the only tanning company in Central Florida to offer Infinity Sun Multitreatment Systems. A-List Mobile Tanning is exclusively for Women clientele and currently serves the Kissimmee and Orlando Areas.

Our hope is to become your preferred sunless tanning experience. This is why we have chosen to use Infinity Sun Equipment and Products. We know that not all sunless tanning is created equal. Please be confident that A-List Mobile Tanning will provide you with only the best tan result. Our equipment is meant to be used for mobile spray tanning and our DHA solutions are only available with the Infinity Sun Equipment. Our concern is to not only give our clients the best tan possible but also to protect our client's property. Our Certified Sunless Specialists will bring a mobile tent that the client will stand in while they are being spray tanned. This ensures that any overspray from our equipment (which is minimal) will not stain the client's property. A-List is the only tanning company in Central Florida who can give you this kind of tan. So join your favorite celebrities and recieve an Infinity Sun Tan by A-List Mobile Tanning today!


Individual Infinity Sun Spray Tannig Sessions.....$50.00

Normalization Treatments, Anti-Aging Treatments and Shimmer Treatments by Infinity Sun .....$15.00 (each add-on)

Tanning Parties for any special occasion .....$40.00 for each lady, 5 paid tans minimum, hostess will be complimentary

Bridal Package.....$60.00 includes normalization treatments and shimmer treatments

Infinity Sun Products for between tanning sessions

Please call for current packages and promotions

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 10:00am-7:00pm and weekends by availability

Preparation for Sunless Tanning:

*Shower and shave the day before.

*Exfoliate with Infinity Sun's non-abrasive body polishing enzyme exfoliant.

*Do not wear lotions, perfumes, deodorant or make-up.

*Induldge in the Ph Balanced Normalization Treatment by your Certified Sunless Specialist.

*Wear loose, dark clothing and open-toed shoes when we arrive to perform your spray tan.

*Remove all jewellery.


*Wait until the following day to shower or sweat.

*Do not be alarmed when bronzer washes off. This is only the initial dye washing off to show your newly tanned skin.

*Use the Extend or Extend with shimmer to keep your skin hydrated and increase the life of your tan by 3 days.

*Between tanning sessions, use Infinity Sun's Glow on the Go eco-friendly aerosol.

*Avoid swimming or soaking in baths.

*Moisturize twice daily with a hydrating lotion.

It's that easy to get an Amazing Infinity Sun Tan!

Learn more about how our products by Infinity Sun have shimmered on the Red Carpets, bronzed "A-List" Celebrities and r ecieved rave reviews on the Hottest Television Shows! http://www.infinitysun.com/whats-new.html or visit our website at www.alisttans.com

Celebrity Testimonial

Kendra Wilkinson from "The Girls Next Door"

"Thank you for making me glow on the red carpet." "I am Really happy with the color of Infinity Sun and products."